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Meet Evelyn Chew, the spirited force behind MOA Digital Media Pte Ltd. As a young entrepreneur, Evelyn was greatly inspired by her father, whose presence at family dinners despite a busy schedule, instilled in her the value of entrepreneurial freedom. This early lesson ignited a passion in Evelyn for creating a life where work complements personal fulfilment.
During her university days in Singapore, Evelyn channelled her love for sports and the outdoors into founding the Ministry of Adventure (MOA). This club was more than just a pastime; it was a community where stressed adults could reconnect with nature through activities like hiking, canoeing, and mountain climbing.
After university, Evelyn was invited to join her family business. Though she contributed significantly to its growth, her heart remained with her adventure-driven venture. However, the advent of COVID-19 brought unprecedented challenges. With outdoor activities grinding to a halt, Evelyn faced a critical decision point.
With characteristic quick thinking and resolve, Evelyn pivoted from outdoor adventures to digital storytelling. She founded MOA Digital Media, assembling a skilled team passionate about videography and editing. Her mission was clear: to bring the narratives of sports brands to life, helping them connect with audiences in powerful, meaningful ways through video and digital marketing.
Under her leadership, MOA Digital Media has flourished, expanding rapidly as Evelyn continues to fuel her entrepreneurial fire. Her journey from facilitating physical adventures to digital experiences illustrates her adaptability and unwavering dedication to her vision. At MOA Digital Media, the adventure continues—online.

The Team

In MOA Digital Media, we believe Teamwork makes the Magic Work!

Evelyn Chew

CEO of MOA Digital Media

As the Rising Phoenix of the industry, Evelyn, with her innate entrepreneurial, enthusiastic and energetic spirit and personality, is a dynamic driving force in the video marketing realm, propelling MOA Digital Media to new heights of success. With a passion for sports and a natural talent for networking, Evelyn embodies the vigor and determination essential for leading a trailblazing agency in today’s digital age.

Kris Lu

Creative Manager

Kris stands as a cornerstone of the company's creative prowess. With a videography passion that ignited over a decade ago from a simple hobby, Kris has since dedicated more than 18,000 hours to master this art form. His ultimate dream is to capture breathtaking landscape cinematography that moves and inspires people worldwide.

Jasmine Wan

Marketing Partner

Jasmine, a visionary leader with ten years of strong sales and marketing expertise across diverse industries, is the co-founder of Alevate Marketing and an exclusive partner of MOA Digital Media. As the marketing arm of MOA Digital Media, her strategic foresight, and creative approach to online lead generation, optimising sales funnels and pipelines has dramatically increased client engagements and conversions.

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